Priority & Purpose

Priority & Purpose

In the Beginning, there was Priority & Purpose

there was also HTML, and it was good. Images and words loaded at amazing speeds of 1.2Kb/ps. It was an advancement that only the super-large tech and science institutes of America could afford; It was beautiful, it had Priority & Purpose.

Fast forward sixty-odd years and the phone in your pocket is more powerful than any PC or MAC from the 90’s or even early 2000’s.

And thus priorities shift. Websites no longer have one purpose (of transmitting information) they fulfill a greater purpose. A purpose which no-one seems to understand and so each interpretation thereof is a new step in a new direction.

Entre – Nord House


Screen Grab of Nord House Home Page


Prioritizing is a not a method, it is not a system; it’s an idea and plan.

Nord House successfully managed to do what few websites do in the modern age; when looking at the beautiful imagery and amazing furniture, one does not immediately assume that Nord House is what it is.

A furniture exhibit? A Store? In some respects it even looks like very fancy IKEA website. But no…

Nord House is, in fact, a guest house nestled in a smallish town in Southern Australia. The Scandinavian influence is unmissable and the finishes are exquisite.





No doubt, the minds behind Nord House know what they want in the displaying of the house. They accentuate the stark monotone colours with angular hints and rounded surfaces elsewhere, creating an Art-Deco mood. Even their logo is round with angles.

The purpose of the Nord House Website is simple – Making the Irresistible nature of the house easy to obtain and to enjoy. Their booking system is straightforward and easy to use. The info within it all is poignant  and concise.


In hindsight, the thought pattern involved in the creating of the house, the interior and website is prioritizing the mood mentioned earlier. The emotive priority was not placed above or below that of ease of use, and elegance in simplicity; rather it was made equal.

The result is a website you’ll return to simply to have a look at the images and experience it all again, for those who can’t necessarily afford the stay. For those who can afford it, the booking system is preceded by images that remind you why you want to go stay there.


Nord-House- Rooms


The point

Being a creator is either very difficult, because you find inspiration not-so-easy to interpret, or you take great confidence in knowing you can make anything creative with almost any form of inspiration. Either way, when creating a website in particular, it is important to know what you want. An online store, a product catalogue, an information board or a forum, whatever it is, you must be sure to understand the implications of what it is you want – It must have priorities and it must have purpose.

Having a product catalogue may seem like an easy way out, but how are you going to make it attractive enough to ensure return customers? How will you make it reflect what it is and still keep an element of humanity in it?

The above questions are a few among many many more  and they barely scratch the surface of the entire creative process. But they do highlight one or two important ones.
Namely: What do you want? and How are you going to make it ‘feel’? So, like Nord House does, creating emotions within a person as they’re scrolling through your web-page is of the utmost importance – Priority & Purpose.


When taking a photo, any photographer will tell you that you can’t just see-n-snap anything and hope for the best; there has to be the right amount of light, the right balance of colour and careful composition. Equally so, in designing your website, it’s about balance of light and dark, text and images, depth and plainness.

Knowing that less isn’t always more and that bombarding your clientele with photos and design queues isn’t the way to go either, give you an upper hand from the get-go.

Again, like Nord House, find a balance that works; and run with it.





When creating, whether it be a website, designing or whatever, one can have amazing ideas and even know how get a certain look and feel, but ideas mean nothing when they’re not supported by a plan and vice-versa. They are, inseparable, ubiquitous, one.

Create a place with Priority & Purpose, a place where you are aware of what you want it to do, to be and how you’re going to achieve it – Priority & Purpose.


To visit the NØRD HOUSE website and experience their Priority & Purpose, click here

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