Some Stores Are More Equal Than Others

Some Stores Are More Equal Than Others

Shoes, cars, programs, phone covers and even under wear, we all shop online.
But an online store is an online store right? You select products, add them to your cart, check out, pay, and a few days later it arrives at your door. Each online store does this and some better than others, but, there are some stores that are different. Some stores aim to offer an exquisite User experience while you’re shopping around.

A prime example of just such a store is Huckberry.
After loading, you’re asked to sign in, and with the clean lines and flat imagery, you immediately feel like this is something that’ll be a little different.

Once the formalities are dealt with, you’re greeted by, possibly, one of the best online store user experiences/UX ever.

Large images and product stories greet you with beautiful colours. Some saturated and others more calm, less shocking. But altogether, it’s something to behold.


HuckBerry Home


Shoes, Duffel Bags, they do the same thing as others; you wear them on your feet or you out clothes in the. But here each product or product range has a story. Each page tells you about the product, the design, the makers and the look.  It’s not an online store, it’s an amazing online User experience.




The products are sold in a way that makes it feel, should someone read it to you, as if you’re dealing with a human. Huckberry achieved this by actually informing the customer, albeit with some copywriting magic, about the product they could potentially buy, from the material down to the origin of the zips.




Where all stores essentially have one purpose, the selling of goods, there a clear distinction between stores you’d return to and stores you’ll forever avoid. You might return to store A because your product search leads you to the exact page or product. You might return to store B because their products are always different and exciting. You’ll return to shop for top of the line clothing and interesting products. But you’ll also return to Huckberry simply to see, read and, most of all, the experience.




Unfortunately, Huckberry does not ship to South Africa as of yet, but do throughout the USA, South America, The Caribbean, The UK and Europe. 

Brandon Le-Chat

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